Водгук удзельнікаў пасля паездкі ў Малдову.

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Being almost all the time in Belarus, I know about lots of countries only from geography and history at school. That’s why I always have a goal-to travel and discover new countries. But this aim is on the whole life, and it is coming true very slowly because of money shortage, lack of time etc. 
Studying in Belarusian University, I understand more or less what does education mean and also I realized that it isn’t enough for being really well-educated person. I came across the concept of non-formal education and became more and more interested in it. 
And my desire to see and learn something new led me to the site with programs from the “Goodwill Foundation”. This organization provides a huge number of opportunities for education in various fields! 

In winter, I saw the announced ‘Erasmus + youth exchange: unveil culture’ program. There was no reason for me to pass by! So, I applied. 
Our team of 6 people was preparing a presentation of our country, at the same time, we got to know each other. 
And finally we are in Moldova! 10 countries, 60 people, all are different, interesting, inspirational people. 
Before the beginning of the main work, the organizers carried out with us a lot of team building games, name games. All this helped us to feel in a single boat in a couple of days. And we swam! It is also great that the organizers were not somewhere away from us, they were with us! This project we did together, which is incredibly cool! 
Our main work was to present the culture of our country. Expect a long boring lecture about history? Not! Our program is about workshops, folk songs and dances, national cuisine, endless communication! It is important and necessary to learn the culture of a country only through its people. 

I haven’t ever met so many kind, open-minded and friendly people in my life. I am very happy that Erasmus + is now a big part of me. This program helped me to reconsider my life priorities, to understand what is important and what is not, which direction to go and(!) most important, I want to believe that the program gave me many new friends! 
Thanks to the “ Goodwill Foundation” for the opportunity. Thanks to everyone who has put an effort and soul into creating the Erasmus + program. Thanks to Moldova and its people for being so beautiful, loving their country. And wine! ))) 
Life is beautiful when it is filled with impressions from new trips and new acquaintances. We give each other a feeling of happiness.
Katya Vinnikova, participant of Erasmus + exchange program 19.03-01.04. 2019 held in Moldova.