DO YOU WANT BE a PRESIDENT of USA for an hour like Trump or Obama?


Maybe You want be Madonna or another celebrity?


Do You want be Gandhi or Martin Luther King? Would You like to solve military conflicts in the world?


Almost everybody can do it. But only little number of people know how to realize it.

It's not so hard, but a lazy person will not achieve the goal.


We can change our world for better. The tool for this is theater – the FORUM THEATER.


Short time ago had place the training course about Forum Theater in 20-29 of May 2017 in Malbork (Poland).

There were participants from Poland, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Italy and

Project activities had made stronger the sensitivity of youth workers, social activists for social problems and conflicts who participated in the event..

Participants got knowledge and deeper understanding of forum theater method and they were prepared to use it in own youth work in home country.

Participants took social responsibility for themselves(for society, public benefit), to be more daring in public places (about public issues) by street action


Apart that young people had inproved own communication skills (+ in foreign language) , non verbal communication techniques, they got understanding how talking to people in public places, with the aggressors in conflict situations.


Here you can watch the short video from the training course.

Project had been financed by Erasmus+.


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